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At Industries FAC, our dedication to excellence drives the constant pursuit of maximum customer satisfaction.
OUR HEADQUARTERS | where it is located

Our food technology company is located in Santa Coloma de Farners (Girona), at kilometer 23 of the Sils highway, offering a quiet environment conducive to innovation in food technology.

Our headquarters is a modern 3,800 m² facility that is designed for efficiency and quality. We have 2,500 m² dedicated to manufacturing and assembly, 460 m² of warehouse that allow good organization, 480 m² of offices that encourage collaboration and 360 m² of common areas and services for the well-being of our team and visitors. This distribution allows us to offer products and services of the highest quality from an environment that reflects our commitment to excellence.


We have extensive experience of more than three decades in the sector of equipment and accessories for the food industry, especially in the meat industry. Our dedication has allowed us to achieve significant successes both nationally and internationally.

We represent the best brands on the international market in Spain

Hammould is a registered trademark of molds designed for applications in the meat industry. Their molds are characterized by greater efficiency and durability, and also by their hygiene, thanks to the use of non-porous materials.

Henkovac is a leading global brand offering vacuum packaging products for companies involved in food processing and preparation. Professionals from more than 80 countries trust the brand.

Nieros stands out for its high-quality stainless steel automatic cleaning equipment. Its mission is to create complete solutions to equip all types of industrial facilities that must maintain their hygiene levels above legal standards.

With a solid track record of 40 years, Verinox stands out worldwide in solutions for the thermal treatment of food. Its global success is evident in the excellence of its products and the satisfaction of its customers.

PND was born in 2000 and has focused its efforts on the research and development of advanced technologies, especially oriented towards the fruit preservation, freezing and dehydration industries.

With very clear values: quality, experience and success; STEEN has more than 60 years of experience and global recognition in the field of poultry and fish processing machinery.


Our dedication to the quality of life and well-being of our employees is reflected in our constant attention to prevention and action in cases of workplace harassment. In 2022, we developed a specific protocol to address this issue, establishing clear guidelines to promote a safe and respectful work environment.

Workplace safety is a non-negotiable priority for us. We rigorously comply with current labor legislation, guaranteeing that our workers work in a safe environment. This commitment extends beyond our walls, as we also strive to efficiently manage our resources and waste to preserve health and the environment, thus contributing to a more sustainable world.

In our pursuit of excellence, we opt for local suppliers whenever possible, thereby strengthening relationships in our community. In addition, we maintain strict quality control in the manufacturing of our equipment, ensuring that each product that leaves our facilities meets the highest standards. In an effort to maintain a clean and healthy environment, we have a cleaning and pest control protocol to ensure hygiene and well-being in our facilities.

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